Training interns in General Practice by residents: a way to contribute to more future GPs.

Boukje Van Dijk, Suzan Van Oorschot, Marleen Jiskoot, Hugo Stappers, Claudia Lobo

Keywords: Training interns General Practice


As an training institute for general practitioners we have a social responsibility to train GPs. Nationally, there is an assignment to train even more resident general practitioners in the nearby future. However, we see that the number of registrations for GP training is declining. Research shows that the internships are a decisive moment in the choice for specialization. We therefore believe that we also have a responsibility to set up a good internship in general practice and thus to enthuse more doctors to choose the profession of general practitioner.


More intern positions will be realized within the training practices by:
- Making it obligatory that a 3rd year resident will supervise an intern in the second half of his third year.
- Offering the trainers exemption for (parts of) the beginner's curriculum when a trainer has already gained experience in the basic curriculum.
- Mapping out the bottlenecks and searching for solutions when placing an intern in the 3rd year practice.
- Giving education to trainers and residents on training residents.


In making training a resident an obligational part of the education of our residents, more intern positions were realized. A survey has been conducted among trainers to identify the experienced bottlenecks when training an intern by their residents.
Education is being developed for trainers and residents, in coaching and supervising. Residents reported to have gained additional skills when training an intern.


Training of interns can be done by a 3rd year resident in the training practice and results in more intern positions. Residents were enthusiastic about training interns, which also increased their competence in knowledge and science by gaining experience in transferring knowledge and coaching a resident. It is therefore a win-win: more interns enthusiastic about the general practitioner profession and residents take an extra step in their skills.

Points for discussion:

How do others contribute to help making interns choose for general practice?


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