How to Submit a Paper

You may easily submit your abstract for the EURACT conference. To submit an abstract you must have an EURACT account. You can register for an EURACT account free of charge. If you already have an account, log in to your account.

  1. Once logged in follow the submit abstract link available on the meeting home page or your EURACT account home page.
  2. Abstract submission is a simple three-step process. The step you are in is indicated on the top part of the page.
  3. First fill in some information about your abstract like the type (workshop, oral presentation, poster), the title, your institute and some contact information. Some of this information will be pre-filled for your convenience based on your information. Please feel free to change it according to your particular submission.
  4. Enter all the authors of your abstract, you may add additional authors by clicking the "New Author" button. You may change the order of the authors by dragging the marker on the right side of the form. You may delete an author by clicking the minus button on the right side. You may also change the order of authors by dragging them using the icon.
  5. Once you are fine with the details entered click "Continue" to proceed to the next step.
  6. In the second step of the process you are asked to enter your abstract in parts. The parts will change according to the abstract type you have selected (Workshop, Oral Presentation, etc.). The word counter next to the title of each part and the total at the bottom will help you count the number of words in your abstract. The total number of words may not be over 300. The system will not let you submit your abstract until you reduce the number of words to under 300. Please do not include the titles of the parts (Background, Research Question, etc.) in your text.
  7. You are encouraged to include up to three discussion points with your abstract.
  8. Please do not include any author identifying information in your text as the content of this page will be shared with the reviewers. Once you are fine with the content of your abstract click "Preview" to proceed to the Preview page.
  9. In the last part of the submission process you will have a chance to review your submission. Everything you have entered so far will be displayed for your review and confirmation. You may go back and change any part of your submission. If you are ready to submit it, click the "Submit" button to send your abstract for review. You will be notified at the end of the review process regarding the outcome of your submission.

At any time during your submission until you click submit, you may stop and take a break. Any information you have entered so far will be saved and you may continue the submission later. To see your list of submissions/drafts log into your EURACT account and follow the "My Abstracts" link available on your account homepage.

Please do not hesitate to contact the EURACT office if you encounter any problems.

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