The patients are our raison d’être - not to be forgotten in medical education.

Friday 6 October, 17:00

  • Roar Maagaard
    Until 2023: GP for 34 years in a now 8 partner GP practice near Aarhus, Denmark. Engaged in education in FM/GP for many years - primarily Specialist Training and CPD. Chair of Danish Specialist Training Committee for GPs & Associate Professor, University of Aarhus. EURACT Council Member. First of all: I try to be a dedicated doctor for our patients - and I try to transfer the patient-centeredness approach to trainee doctors. From 2023: Enjoying life - full time!

Young doctors in specialist training for GP/FM must acquire many competences to become a specialist: The competences can be described in detail, they can be taught and learnt by a variety of
methods – and the competences can be assessed in a formative and in a summative way. ButGP/FM is more than a set of competences. Seeing your patients as your raison d’être should be one of the characteristics of a GP/FM – but how can this attitude be taught, learnt and assessed? Some of our core values are ingredients: Person-centered care and continuity of care. Both can be taught and learnt. The experiences during training should furthermore strengthen this attitude towards your patients. GP teachers should “walk the talk” and act as good role models.

I will share my views on these topics with you in humility.


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