Geriatry, new course on the faculty of medicine in Ljubljana

Janez Rifel

Keywords: family medicine, geriatry, undergraduate medical education


In 2020 a new course of geriatry started on the faculty of medicine in Ljubljana. Before 2020 geriatric topics were included at family medicine, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry and other courses.


Department of family medicine and department of internal medicine are participating at the course. Course is compulsory and has 3 ECTS credits, it consists of 9 hours of lectures, 11 hours of seminars, 25 hours of clinical practices and 45 hours of individual work. Students choose to have clinical practices in hospital, nursery home or in family medicine practice. Knowledge and skills are continuously assessed during the clinical practice. Final assessment consists of seminar pro et contra (30% of the grade) and written exam (MCQ 70% of the grade).


Students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes of specific geriatric syndromes, coordinated care and working in teams. Students graded clinical practices with highest grades. Students appreciate holistic approach that is essential in the care of geriatric patient.


Specific geriatric knowledge is essential in modern medicine and aging society. The rise in the number of older, frail adults necessitates that future doctors are adequately trained in the skills of geriatric medicine.

Points for discussion:

1) Balance between clinical practice and more theoretical forms of teaching (lectures, seminars)

2) Cooperation between different departments at the same course: pro et contra


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