Teaching how to promote vaccine acceptance and uptake through role playing

Jáchym Bednář, Ludmila Bezdíčková

Keywords: role play, teaching, learning, skills, promoting, vaccine acceptance and uptake, behaviour change, communication, active listening, person-centred approach, responding to ambivalence and disagreement


This workshop allows to explore the role of GPs in the vaccination process in detail, acknowledging them as a trusted source of information, taking into account their impact on persons’ decisions about personal health and aims to teach and practice specific communication techniques for use in routine practice in immunisation settings. These include being clear (using simple language), using inclusive language, active listening, demonstrating a person-centred approach and staying person-centred, establishing and checking what’s important to the patient, encouraging questions, confirming understanding, using communication aids and tools to optimise health literacy.


We will be playing roles according to prepared scenarios. After the introductory lecture, we will split up into groups of 5 and in each group we will play 3 roles: GP, patient and 3 observers. Participants will alternate in different roles and scenarios, they will share their experiences after each play. Each group will be facilitated by an experienced GP trainer. We will try to make the participants aware of applying several principles: to use plain language, avoid jargon, technical language and abbreviations, limit the amount of information, provide smaller "portions" of information at a time, slow down, repeat key points, etc. At the end of the workshop we will meet again as a whole group, share experiences from several perspectives and summarize what we have learned.

Expected Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
- respond to ambivalence and disagreement regarding vaccination,
- elicit person’s perspective and motivate individuals to discuss their vaccine behaviour and concerns regarding vaccination
- recognize the attitudes and behaviours needed to develop a person-centred communication style and partnership approach with the vaccination recipient

Points for discussion:

Reasons for hesitancy and any other potential barriers to vaccination

to disscuss strategies, how to respond to ambivalence and disagreement towards vaccination

Explore with GPs, how their own experiences, perceptions and concerns may impact on their communication about vaccination with persons


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