Self-Reported Health Status of Nurses Students From Medical Colleges in the Republic of Moldova

Lora Gitsu, Grigore Bivol, Natalia Zarbailov, Ghenadie Curocichin

Keywords: health status, young generation, teenage girls.


The health status of the young generation is very important, as the latter is the bases of the future work force and wellbeing of countries.

Research question(s):

Evaluation of the self-reported health status of female medical students from the Republic of Moldova.


220 teenage girls were enrolled in the study, with an average age of 16.9±0.04 years, 67.7% from rural areas and 32.3% from urban areas. They were interviewed according to the approved questionnaire. The differences in the subjective self-reported health status were evaluated in relation to the socio-economic conditions of existence and the complaints.


In the study group, 165 (75.0%; CI95 69.2-80.8%) respondents reported themselves: "clinically healthy", followed by 44 (20.0%; CI95 14.6-25.4%) people who reported themselves "practically healthy", 7 (3.2%; CI95 0.84-5.7%) people "often sick" and the rest 4 (1.8%; CI95 0.02-3, 6%) - "chronically ill" people (3.2%).


The majority of participants considered themselves healthy and practically healthy (95%). Each respondent reported a different number of complaints, as intensity and duration, characteristic chronic fatigue and asthenic syndrome.

Points for discussion:

How to increase the addressability of "apparently healthy" young people to primary care medical services?


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