Creating new ways of delivering undergraduate primary care placements - a report from the UK

Alex Harding, Sham Agashi, Helen Rogers, Oli Prescott

Keywords: General practice, family medicine, undergraduate, placements, clinical experience


Evidence shows that lack of capacity in primary care settings is preventing medical students from experiencing primary care at medical schools across Europe. However, evidence also shows that the more experience medical students have in primary care the more likely they are to choose it as a career. So teaching methods that increase medical student experience but do not take up more time and space in primary care can help recruitment.
We have therefore developed a range of new face to face and virtual methods of delivering clinical experiences for undergraduate (and postgraduate) learners to help deliver primary care teaching without taking up space or time of GPs.


Presentation of a range of new ways of delivering clinical placements and free new online resources that have been developed in the UK
Discussion about how these new methods can be used in different countries to increase the ability of GPs to host undergraduate learners, increase their experience in primary care and improve recruitment to the profession.

Expected Outcomes:

Introduction to a range of new methods for delivering undergraduate experience in primary care
Dissemination of associated free resources to support these new methods that can be used by anyone
Understanding of how these new methods can be applied in the context of differing countries

Points for discussion:

What do you think of these new methods of learning in clinical practice?

How can you apply them in your own practice?


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