New ways of education in working with students, our ideas that were successful

Ana Miljković, Matilda Vojnović, Ivana Minaković

Keywords: influenza, survey, vaccine indecision, attitudes, medical students, learning in the covid pandemic


During the Covid-19 pandemic, work with students was modified. As a department, we had to find a new approach to education. Students and residents attended classes mostly online, and when the situation allowed, we focused on small groups. The way of working was through various forms of electronic platforms. In order to maintain continuity in conducting part of the work in terms of scientific research and to accompany preventive activities in the work of primary health care doctors, we included students in scientific research projects. One of them was: "Attitude towards seasonal flu vaccination in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic among the adult population in the Republic of Serbia"


The research was conducted in the Health Center "Novi Sad" in Serbia during three weeks as a prospective cross-sectional study. It includes 504 respondents of both sexes aged 18 to 71 years. A questionnaire was used to collect data on knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about seasonal flu.


50.2% of the respondents do not consider the flu to be a dangerous disease. Elderly and chronic patients more often opted for the flu vaccine. Among respondents who live with a person older than 65 years, 53.6% believe that they should be vaccinated against the flu and believe that the flu vaccination provides immunity. Women were more likely to adhere to measures against the infection of Covid-19 compared to men. Individuals who live in the community are more committed to measures against the spread of infection and are more likely to be vaccinated against Covid-19 compared to respondents who live alone.


The project itself was focused on the prevention of influenza during the COVID 19 pandemic and the implementation of vaccination against influenza, and the students were engaged in terms of surveying patients, promoting the prevention of influenza in the elderly population

Points for discussion:

Find new ways of working and transferring knowledge using modern technologies, as well as through practical work such as scientific research

Improvement of work with students through electronic and other platforms

A group of 5 students was chosen for the purpose of education about the need for teamwork, which is most important in scientific research work where the team is more important than the individual


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