How can an independent case-based program (PinPoint Case Platform) be used in education?

Ruth Kalda, Nele Michels, Pavlo Kolesnik, Vesna Homar, Arabelle Rieder, Milena Kostic

Keywords: PinPoint platform, case-based learning, interactivity, clinical scenarios, critical thinking, personalized feedback, collaborative learning, assessment


The aim is to introduce how the independent online PinPoint Case platform can be effectively utilized at every level of education to enhance learning experiences, promote critical thinking, and facilitate collaborative problem-solving.


During the workshop, attendees will explore the following key points:
Introduction to PinPoint Case: An overview of the platform's features, user-friendly interface, and tools designed to enhance learning experiences.
Problem-Based Learning: To see how complex problems requiring critical thinking and analyzing information can be used in different levels of education: for students, trainees, and as a CME activity.
Engaging Learning Experience: Exploring the interactive nature of PinPoint Case, where learners actively engage in analyzing patient histories, interpreting diagnostic tests, and making informed decisions within a simulated clinical environment.
Collaborative Learning Opportunities: Exploring PinPoint Case's collaborative features, facilitating discussions, knowledge sharing, and interprofessional collaboration.
Assessing Competency and Performance: Discussing the platform's built-in assessment tools that enable the measurement of participants' competencies, clinical reasoning skills, and applying evidence-based practices.
Personalized Feedback and Reflection: Discovering how PinPoint Case facilitates personalized feedback, promotes self-reflection, and encourages continuous professional development.

Expected Outcomes:

Through this session, participants will gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of the PinPoint Case platform in using this with students, and trainees, and as a self-learning opportunity. They can share experiences about using self-teaching platforms at different levels of teaching.

Points for discussion:

What are the benefits of independent case-based on-line learning methodology?

How to use independent online case study as a teaching strategy?


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