Quaternary and Overdiagnosis Prevention: A Proposal for a New Curricular Unit

Carlos Martins

Keywords: quaternary prevention, overdiagnosis, Family Medicine


Medicine and how decisions are made during medical consultations have evolved with increasing medical interventions becoming available for patients and doctors. More intensive exposure to medicine increases the possibility of exposure to medical interventions causing more harm than benefit.
The aim of this workshop is to discuss a proposal for a new curricular unit that would allow us to teach about quaternary and overdiagnosis prevention in the context of Family Medicine.


A mix of lecture, small group discussions and plenum discussion will be used. Lecture content will include the main concepts' presentation and a structure proposal for the curricular unit.
In small groups, participants will be invited to share their views about the relevance of teaching quaternary and overdiagnosis prevention and to make a SWOT analysis of the proposed structure for the curricular unit.
Plenum discussion will be used to share the main results of small group work and summarize the workshop results.

Expected Outcomes:

By sharing their views and comparing different teaching experiences, participants are expected to increase their resources to teach quaternary and overdiagnosis prevention, a challenging field of family medicine.

Points for discussion:

Quaternary and overdiagnosis prevention teaching - what are we doing now?

What should we do differently?

What are the better teaching methodologies to teach quaternary and overdiagnosis prevention?


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