Stimulating reflection among GP trainees: using different learning lenses as tools.

Boukje Van Dijk, Nina Aalfs, Katinka De Vos, Paulien Verhoef, Ad Van Esch

Keywords: Reflection, toolbox, innovation, learning method, context-oriented medicine.


Learn more about an innovative method to broaden and deepen the reflective skills of GP trainees.
Think about how you can use this method in your curriculum or to enhance reflection in the workplace.
Be inspired by colleagues and learn more about ways they support reflection.


At the general practitioner training at the RadboudUMC we continuously try to stimulate reflection in new ways. We have developed a toolbox which stimulates reflection to broaden and deepen the view of the trainees. View in a quite literal way: we offer multiple glasses/lenses to help look at different dimensions. For example: learning glasses, social environment glasses, sustainability glasses or evidence-based glasses. The lens toolbox consists of multiple information sheets and a conversation card. The information sheet describes the purpose of the glasses, the situations in which the glasses can be useful and provides sources for background information. The conversation card describes questions you can ask to steer the (internal) conversation. With the glasses we encourage you in our workshop to look at a case or question from these new perspectives.

Expected Outcomes:

You will experience that the lens toolbox helps to stimulate reflection on a case or question in a fun, but also deepening and broadening way.
It thus contributes to the development of lifelong learning skills for our GP trainees.
Together with the participants, we will look at how everyone can use this toolbox in their own educational programme.
The participants inspire each other about the ways there are to teach teaching about reflection.

Points for discussion:

How do you stimulate reflection in your trainee GPs? Which aspects of the toolbox can be used in your educational program?

Which glasses would you like to add to our collection?

Which glasses are suitable for supervisors, teachers or other authorities?


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