"Seeds of Me" - The Synergic Experimental Medical Education Development program for Scholars in family medicine.

Merav Sudarsky, Adi Ivzori- Erel, Liv Shadmi

Keywords: Medical Education, Family Medicine, Resident as Teachers, Adult learner


The School of Continuing Education in Family Medicine, affiliated to the Technion, Israel, embraces 140 residents in Family Medicine (FM), deriving from 3 major health service institutes. Due to the constant increase in the number of residents in FM in Israel, there is a growing need to train future teachers to gain knowledge and skills in Medical Education (ME). Currently, there is no formal training program in Israel for “Residents as teachers”. In order to establish and enrich a new generation of teachers we have developed the “Seeds'' program.


“Seeds” is A year-long program that embraces 15 leading residents in family medicine with an interest in ME. The program implements 4 levels of expertise:
1. Gaining theoretical knowledge in ME (7 one day workshops)
2. Planning and implementation of educational activities
3. Initiating special projects in ME
4. Practicing reflective skills through writing reflective journals.
The SEEDS program was accompanied by a quantitative study that evaluates the resident's perceptions regarding the ideal teacher, compared to their self-evaluation as teachers and a qualitative analysis of the reflective journals.


At the end of the program,participants presented six innovative educational projects which were designed according to CBME principals. Analyzing and evaluating the reflections indicated the development of personal perceptions and attitudes as teachers and adult learners. The main themes that emerged demonstrated the development from “self centered” observation to “group oriented” standpoint and experience.


We conclude that the training of the residents in ME and their involvement in the teaching activities during their residency, contributes to their personal development as physicians and educators and creates a change in their self-perception to allow for a more holistic progression both as medical practitioners and as able communicators of their specific knowledge and experience.

Points for discussion:

Should principles in medical education be an integral part of the continuing education of family medicine residency? should all residents receive knowledge and develop ME competencies or only those who choose to do so ?

What are the conflicts (internal or external) encountered by family medicine residents involved in teaching? And how can they be settled?


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