Clinical nutrition education-part of the patient holistic management in the family medicine practice

Milena Blaž Kovač

Keywords: clinical nutrition, education, family medicine practice


The aim of the training programme is how to provide the physician with additional knowledge in clinical nutrition:

Understanding the process of nutritional management as part of medical examination
Identification of nutritional disorders: diagnostic process, dilemmas - when a patient has multiple nutritional disorders
Types and uses of medical nutrition in the family medicine practice


The training is organized in the form of plenary presentation where clinical nutrition is presented as medical discipline concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and management of nutritional and metabolic conditions that develop as a result of a deficiency or excess of energy and/or individual nutrients, often associated with patients acute and chronic conditions. Group discussion and training on diagnostic process will be carried out through the nutritional treatment process ( screenig, diagnosis, treatment , evaluation and follow up). The training is adapted to the implementation of clinical nutrition management as preventive clinical nutrition, as well as nutritional management and appropriate nutritional interventions for patients with acute and chronic diseases, elderly and vulnerable groups of patients.

Expected Outcomes:

Since modern concepts of clinical nutrition are relatively new and for many years the health care of individuals has been based on the concepts of preventive nutrition, the application of clinical nutrition knowledge at the primary care level faces a number of problems.
The management of nutritional disorders in the primary care is a highly team-oriented work ( physician, nurses, dietician, kinesiologist, psychologist) and therefore all members should be involved in the training.
Therefore, participant will be introduced with the way and importance of clinical nutrition activity in family medicine. They are designed so that the clinical nutrition activity will also become a regular part of the nutrition education training of health professionals involved in patient management.

Points for discussion:

how to implemente clinical nutrition treatment in family medicine practice, the importance of team work in clinical nutrition


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