Social and medical action dedicated to ”International Day of Melanoma detection” as an opportunity to improve the skills of early diagnosis of skin tumors for interns

Oksana Mykytchak, Olha Iakyma


The morbidity and mortality rate from melanoma in Ukraine and the world are steadily increasing due to late detection of tumors and insufficient knowledge of general practitioners about skin neoplasms.
Objective: To train interns to diagnose skin tumors and detect melanoma.
To inform the public about self-detection of suspicious skin tumors.


The dermato-oncologist conducted a training to improve the diagnostic and differential diagnostic knowledge of general practitioners and interns.
The event " International Day of Melanoma detection" was held in the Uzhhorod City together with a team of interns from the InterFamily clinic. The consisted of two stages:
-Primary examination by interns included dermatoscopy, collection of information about tumors and registration of examination data.
-Patients with suspicious lesions were referred for examination by a dermato-oncologist. Patients without suspicious or malignant lesions received general skin care recommendations.


About 200 people participated in the examination of moles and other skin lesions. Among them were 78% women and 22% men. Participants over 50 years old accounted for 47%, 30-50 years old - 23%, under 30 years old - 20%, and minors - 10%. Only 30% of people used sun protection.
The interns identified various neoplasms, including seborrheic keratoses, various types of nevi, dermatofibromas, suspected BCC, melanoma, SCC, signs of photodamage in 65% of patients. The interns had the opportunity to examine numerous skin lesions and put their knowledge into practice.


The campaign revealed a lack of public awareness about the effects of UV radiation on the skin and the importance of protecting against it. The event was useful for both the public and interns, as it demonstrated the practical application of the acquired diagnostic knowledge.

Points for discussion:

How were similar events held in other countries?

Were interns involved in these events?


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