Cooperation in the teaching of general / family medicine doctors in Montenegro and Association of Teachers in General Practice/ Family Medicine (ATGP/FM), Croatia

Milena Rovčanin Cojić, Biserka Bergman Marković, Milica Katić, Ljiljana Cvejanov-Kezunović, Dragan Soldo, Ksenija Kranjčević, Nina Bašić Marković, Natalija Popović Petrić, Merzika Hodžić, Aldijana Zeković, Jasna Vučak

Keywords: cooperation, teaching, interstate, Montenegro, Croatia


The decision on joint cooperation is based on basic knowledge and skills that a family medicine doctor must master, together with the new core values of the discipline, launched at the Wonca Europe conference in London 2022. Strong decision was that national borders must not be an obstacle.


The participants were family medicine doctors in Montenegro. Classes took place in October and November 2022. Topics was based of six basic skill and competitions which GPs must possessed, like: Primary care management, Person-centred health care, specific problem solving, Comprehensive approach, Community orientation, Holistic approach. So far, four modules have been held (Module 1. Organization of health care, Team work, patient referral, Module 2. Structured method of payment, medical documentation, Audit of own work. Module 3. Communication skills, and Module 4. Rheumatic diseases in family medicine). In every module, the classes were taught jointly by teachers from Montenegro and ATGP/FM. The module consisted of a lecture and a practical part in which family medicine doctors were divided into groups. At the end of the day, there was a joint discussion on the results of the practical discussion and conclusions were drawn.


So far 187 physicians participated [women 135 (72.2%), men 52 (27,8%), specialist of family medicine 112 (60%) without specialisation 75 (40%), city 159 (85%) village 28 (15%), from all region of Montenegro].


In the evaluation questionnaire, all participants expressed their satisfaction with the lesson, saying it was very useful. The conclusions were submitted to the Ministry of Health and the Insurance Fund, which financed the classes. Encouraged by the satisfaction of the participants, we decided to continue further cooperation with new topics while finding new sources of funding, especially with young lecturers for specific skills.

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