Possibilities of organizing the postgraduate medical education process in emergency conditions

Iryna Paliy, Serhii Zaika, Inna Chernova, Sergii Melashchenko, Dmytro Palii, Kateryna Ksenchyna

Keywords: education process, Ukraine, emergency conditions


Search innovative high-quality educational methods and implement them in the postgraduate medical education system in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and russian aggression in Ukraine.


Now days, it is impossible to imagine the educational process without the influence of information technologies. It is worth remembering that today distance postgraduate education in Ukraine can fully develop only if the following main components are present: regulatory framework; contingent of doctors; qualified teachers; availability of a training program; the appropriate material and technical base (hardware and software (we use the Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams platforms), high-speed communication lines).
It is important in professional development that applicants must have a high level of educational self-motivation, persistent, goal-oriented, therefore, have a sufficient starting level of education and the skills of independent work.
As well, teaching staff must own modern pedagogical and information technologies, must be ready psychologically to work in a new educational and cognitive network environment, update and improve educational and methodological materials, which are formulated basically on own pedagogical, scientific and methodological experience and is their intellectual property.
Traditional forms of educational process provide new features, for example, on-line lectures don`t involve live communication. In order to solve this problem, doctors in online mode, using modern means of communication, are given the opportunity actively take apart in the discussion clinical cases, analyzing the results of the examination, both clinical and laboratory-instrumental, and are given the opportunity to get answers to relevant questions.

Expected Outcomes:

Thus, distance learning is an auxiliary element in the global educational process; it acts as an effective complement to traditional forms of education and should become one of the effective methods of providing education in modern conditions.

Points for discussion:


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